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Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions and interpretation

1.1. “Society” means the British Record Society Limited.

1.2. “Subscription Year” means a calendar year beginning on 1st January and ending on 31st December.

1.3. “Official Publication Year” in relation to a publication means the Subscription Year to which the Society shall allocate that publication as described in clause 4.1.

1.4. “Cut-Off Date” in relation to a publication means the date which the Society shall set for that publication as described in clause 4.3.

1.5. “Previous Subscriber” in relation to a Subscription Year means an individual or institution that has paid the subscription fee for any year prior to that year but not for that year, and has not informed the Society that it intends to stop subscribing.

1.6. “Paid-Up Subscriber” in relation to a Subscription Year means an individual that has paid the subscription fee for that year. “Paid-Up” shall be construed accordingly.

1.7. References to subscribers shall be understood to include prospective subscribers where the context requires it.

2. Subscription fees

2.1. The Society shall publish rates for fees for each Subscription Year on its website. Different rates shall be payable by individuals and institutions and the Society may apply further surcharges and discounts based on subscribers’ circumstances.

2.2. Rates shall be published in pounds sterling and United States dollars and subscribers may choose to pay in either currency irrespective of the subscribers’ location or the currency quoted in any subscription invoice.

3. Payment due dates

3.1. Subscription fees shall be due on 1st January of the related Subscription Year. This fee may be paid at any time but later payment may result in extra charges in relation to publications received, in accordance with in clause 4.5.

3.2. A payment received from a Previous Subscriber shall be applied as the fee for the earliest Subscription Year for which the subscriber has a balance outstanding.

3.3. Subscription fees may be paid in advance of the start of the related Subscription Year at the rate for the latest year with a rate published on the website. A subscriber who has paid in advance for a year shall not be subject to future rate rises for that year.

4. Publications

4.1. The Society shall allocate each publication to a Subscription Year, which shall become the publication’s “Official Publication Year”. To ensure the equitable treatment of different years’ subscribers a publication’s Official Publication Year may be different from the year printed on its spine. A Subscription Year may have no publications allocated to it.

4.2. The Society shall announce a publication’s Official Publication Year on its website with a statement to the effect that copies of the publication will be distributed to Paid-Up Subscribers for that year. After this announcement the Society shall only accept subscription fees for that year from Previous Subscribers.

4.3. The Society shall set a “Cut-Off Date” for each publication. This date shall be no earlier than: the initial distribution of the publication to subscribers from the printer; the start of the publication’s Official Publication Year; or thirty days after the Society has issued subscription invoices for the publication’s Official Publication Year.

4.4. The Society shall send a free copy of each publication, with no charge for postage and packing, to every subscriber who is Paid-Up for its Official Publication Year at the time of its Cut-Off Date.

4.5. When a subscriber becomes Paid-Up for a publication’s Official Publication Year after its Cut-Off Date, the Society shall send the subscriber a free copy of the publication subject, at the discretion of the Society, to a fee for postage, packing and administration. For the avoidance of doubt, this fee may apply in cases where payment was delayed through purchase order processes or payment terms adopted by the subscriber.

4.6. The Society reserves the right not to supply missing publications if the subscriber does not claim them within two years of their announcement on the website.

5. Book sales

5.1. The Society shall publish prices for publications and for postage and packing within the United Kingdom on its website.

5.2. Prices for postage and packing outside the United Kingdom and prices in currencies other pounds sterling should be agreed with the Treasurer before sending payment.

5.3. The Society shall require payment in advance before dispatching purchased publications except in the case of Paid-Up Subscribers and booksellers in good standing.

5.4. Paid-Up Subscribers shall receive a 35% discount before postage and packing on the published price of any publications that they purchase in addition to those that they receive for free.

5.5. A discount of 15% before postage and packing shall be available on orders for two publications and of 25% on orders for three or more publications.