Edited by Catherine Ferguson, Christopher Thornton and Andrew Wareham


British Record Society, Hearth Tax Series, vol. 8 

xvi + 670pp (including 27 colour illustrations and maps)


£28 + post & packing


The aim of the British Academy Hearth Tax Project, based at the University of Roehampton, is to transcribe, analyse and publish the most complete hearth tax returns for twenty three counties.

            This volume publishes the Essex return for Michaelmas 1670, housed in the Essex Record Office in Chelmsford.  The document is in Latin, but the book aims to make this completely accessible to the ordinary reader, so it has been transcribed and, in places, translated. Remaining Latin phrases, names and words are identified and accessible through an easy-to-use glossary.  As with all our volumes, this edition is fully indexed for names, places and subjects, with statistical tables, coloured maps and plates.

            The material is analysed by three historians: Elizabeth Parkinson explains how the hearth tax was administered and how this affects the interpretation. Professor Henry French explores numerous crucial aspects of Essex’s rural and urban society. Pat Ryan, D. Stenning and D. Andrews examine Essex houses and the hearth tax and the development of vernacular architecture. A complete list of surviving exemption certificates is included.

            This book’s strong appeal for local, national and family historians is reflected in its publication by the British Record Society and sponsorship from the Essex Society for Archaeology and History. There are nearly 30,000 names listed in the volume, each with their number of hearths.


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